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Águilas Station.

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This was the nerve centre of The GSSR, with extensive workshops, administration buildings etc. covering 3.6 hectares. The workshops, with up to 250 staff, were capable of removing and re-tubing boilers and all major repairs to locomotives. Only the Kitson-Meyers were sent to Bilbao for major works.

Like Swindon, Doncaster, York etc. Águilas is a railway town and all of the people one will meet will have had at least one member of the family (there are around 500 families) working on the railway.

Águilas was chosen due to its port as most of the materials for the construction of the railway would have to come by ship.

Still in use by Renfe with trains to Lorca, Murcia etc. During GSSR days, it occupied a large area. The workshops are in a very poor condition and are in danger of falling down.

The offices for the whole of The GSSR were here under the station. See Museum.