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The Almería Loader. Includes Almería Station

Known as the 'Cable Inglés, this was the loader for the iron ore, copper and silver from the Alquife mines. It was built by The Alquife Mines and Railways Company Limited, a Scottish company based in Glasgow, under the Eiffel school of steel construction, being designed by one of its alumni John Ernst Harrison, and opened in 1904. The 3,824 tonnes of steel came from The Motherwell Foundry in Glasgow.

Although not pertaining to The GSSR, it is worth including in this website as it was a major competitor to El Hornillo.

The construction used 3,824 tonnes of Motherwell steel and iron, 8,000m2 wood planking for the hoppers, 1,152m3 of concrete and 1,056m of track.

It closed in 1973 after which, in 1980, the rights of use as a loading pier expired. There followed a period of decay and there were discussions regarding demolishion. In 1998 it was declared a site of cultural interest and in 2010 works were started to repair rusting beams etc. There were plans to turn it into a resort but of those, nothing to date seems to be happening.

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