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Almendricos Station.

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Main junction between the Baza-Lorca and Águilas-Lorca lines. Due to the lack of a rail triangle, the locos had to pull the goods train into the station, disconnect, and steam to the turntable to change direction to pull the 12 iron ore wagons to Águilas via Pulpí which is one reason why it had turntables which were worked manually. To work the turntables, the loco of up to 90 tonnes had to be positioned exactly in the centre (fulcrum) of the turntable which then had to be rotated by up to four men.

It is tempting in the wonderful 20/20 vision of hindsight to wonder if there were an easier way of doing things. Clearly, a rail triangle would have made an incredible difference and it is hard to see why one wasn't built on such flat land.

Also a loading point for the iron ore and other metals from the Sierra de Enmedio (that had it's own line) and a goods loading point with a loading platform for vegetables, esparto, fruit etc.