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Zurgena Station.

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This station was very important from the point of view of the running of the railway. Apart from the station, there were engine sheds, workshops, supplies departments and offices. It was a storage point for goods trains to stay overnight and to continue their journeys to Águilas / El Hornillo or Guadix in the early hours. Although it had no track machinery assigned to the station like Águilas and Lorca-San Diego, it was the site for the track machinery to be kept when not in use, but it did have permanent engineering staff. There was a turntable and the engine sheds had inspection pits for the locos. In addition, there were staff to manage sleep-overs for the train crews and their charges.

Zurgena was an important station commercially, both in passenger traffic and goods. This wasn't due to the population of Zurgena, which was quite small, but that it also served the towns of Lubrín, Cuevas de Almanzora, Vera, Garrucha, Los Gallardos, Mojácar etc. There was important custom in entire wagons for the transport of marble and fuel and there were private lines into factories. Now recently renovated.

Actually 1.5km from Zurgena, in 'La Alfoquía'.