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The following are further reading:

Sorry, image missing.Almería and the Great Southern of Spain Railway (The GSSR) by Don Gaunt. The father of all books about The GSSR. Very well researched by Don Gaunt and covering everything from life in Almería at the time to the companies that were involved, the people, the rolling stock and much more. Sadly, it is out of print but there are a few copies available. Contact us via the website.
Sorry, image missing.Águilas y los Ingleses by Antonio Hernández Moreno. Fascinating book about life in the Águilas area, The GSSR, mining and much more. In Spanish and English, this hugely well researched book is full of facts but stays interesting all the way through. Available through this web site.
Sorry, image missing.Almería Insólita by Juan Grima Cervantes and Juan Roberto Gillman Mellado. This coffee table book is in Spanish but still well worth having as it is beautifully produced. Telling the story of Gustavo Gillman, the hero of The GSSR, this beautifully presented book has a huge number of his photos taken from around 1885 through to about 1920. Available from Arráez Editores.
Sorry, image missing.Historia y Memoria de la Cuenca Minera de Serón-Bacares by Juan Torreblanca Martínez. Coffee table book in Spanish covering the Las Menas and Bacares mines. Full of information and photographs from the period. Available from Arráez Editores.
Sorry, image missing.The Faydon Website. This is the original website by Don Gaunt. Absolutely bursting with information that he has researched himself from original sources. This is the reference site for anyone looking for any information about The GSSR, the directors, the companies and the rolling stock. A must for your 'favourites'.
Sorry, image missing.Adolf Bleichert & Co.'s Wire Rope Systems. This book by Peter von Bleichert, the great grandson of Adolf covers the life of his great grandfather as well as much technical information regarding cable systems. Available from Blackwell's.
Sorry, image missing.Memorias de La Línea Férrea "Lorca a Baza" y "Almendricos a Águilas" by Joaquin García López. Spanish book containing a wealth of data regarding The GSSR.
Sorry, image missing.The Pictorial Encyclopaedia of Railways by Hamilton Ellis. Paul Hamlyn 1968. As well as general information about steam railways, there is a small section on The GSSR. A good reference book.
Sorry, image missing.Minas y Mineros en El Pilar de Jaravía y su Entorno (Pulpí) by Enrique Fernández Bolea. A Spanish coffee table book covering the mining area around Pulpí. Lots of interesting photos, and very well researched text. Available from Arráez Editores.
Sorry, image missing.Las Menas de Serón. by Juan Grima Cervantes. A Spanish coffee table book with many photos of Las Menas mines between 1915 and 1916. Available from Arráez Editores.
Sorry, image missing.Las Menas - Una Mirada al Mundo Minero by Juan Grima Cervantes. A Spanish coffee table book with many photos of Las Menas mines between 1915 and 1916. Available from Arráez Editores.
Sorry, image missing.How Steam Locomotives Really Work by PWB Semmens and AJ Goldfinch. A very informative paperback which covers all of the technical side of locomotive design and function. Available from Alibris.
Sorry, image missing.Who Wrecked The Mail? by C Hamilton Ellis 1944. A tale of derring-do based on The GSSR written with technical help from George Boag. Our British hero fights off the baddies with aplomb. Available from Alibris.
Sorry, image missing.Minas de La Sierra de Los Filabres. Serón 1870-1970 by Miguel Reche Sánchez. Spanish paperback with much information and photos from the early days of Las Menas.

Here are some links to other web sites:

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Spanish article about the accident in Pulpí on 26th May 1927. See History for a translation.Go to website
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Spanish site about North West FrontierGo to website
Spanish website regarding the movement of the Babwil from Barcelona to Guadix.Go to website
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The website that started it all. Don Gaunt's GSSR website.Go to website
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